International Mentoring Group

Learn more about Mentoring, personal development and various effective ways of learning

What is Mentorship, and why do we need it?

Modern world flows with incredible speed: ways of communication are changing, the moment between establishing and accomplishing the goal decreases in length, priorities are changing as well – all of this causes the necessity of applying flexible approach in obtaining the outcome. To be left behind or keep up to date – you are the one to decide!

International Mentoring Group connects specialists and professionals from around the world to share experience and achieve desired personal goals.

“iMentoring” is a unique technology of direct transfer of skills and experience, and assistance in Client’s personal development.

While others will be offering you a set of rules and clichés – we will provide you with an opportunity to interact with an expert in convenient and preferable manner, the way YOU want it to be!

When do we apply Mentoring?